Vapor liquid equilibrium software
Vapor liquid equilibrium software
Vapor liquid equilibrium software

Multicomponent Distillation Column Calculator


Multicomponent distillation column calculator requires following input parameters for its calculations:

  1.  Feed temperature
  2. Feed composition
  3. Column operating pressure
  4. Feed flowrate
  5. Light key and heavy key components
  6. Split of light key and heavy key components in the top product
  7. Reflux ratio as number of times minimum reflux
  8. Stage height

Multicomponent distillation column calculator uses widely popular Underwood correlation to calculates minimum reflux and attainable distillate composition based on the input parameters. It  further calculates the operating reflux ratio and the theoretical number of trays in the rectification and stripping section to attain the desired distillate and bottom composition. It also calculates overall column efficiency, actual number of trays, column height and column diameter.


Calculation cost (without Binary Interaction Parameters) : USD 200

For requesting results of Multicomponent distillation column calculation module and other modules, visit VLE CALCULATOR page