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Amit Katyal, an independent inventor/ researcher based in New Delhi, INDIA has designed and developed EQ-COMP VLE software. EQ-COMP is the result of more than 14 years of continuous research in the field of vapour-liquid equilibrium of hydrocarbon/ oil and natural gas mixtures and involves extensive software development work to automate the calculations. Amit has a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, INDIA and has a total experience of around 25 years in hydrocarbon sector in diverse segments like research, operations and technical services. Apart from EQ-COMP,  Amit has also developed other softwares for hydrocarbon sector like HYD-PREDIC, LIQ-PROP, BUBBLE-SIM and MIX-CP. Additionally, Amit has invented three technologies for water treatment and hydrocarbon sector. “Gas hydrate based desalination technology” provides a viable method and system to desalinate high salinity brine using gas hydrate concept. “Horizontal distillation technology” provides a horizontal solution to vertical tray columns used in refineries and other chemical plants. “Simultaneous evaporation and condensation desalination technology” gives a more efficient and operationally flexible form of distillation of water and other liquids to separate dissolved and suspended solids and miscible liquids. A US patent number 9643860 B2 has been granted for the “gas hydrate based desalination technology” whereas an Indian patent is pending. A US patent number 9855515 B2 has been granted and a UK and Indian patent is pending for the “horizontal distillation technology”. A US, UK and Indian patent is pending for “simultaneous evaporation and condensation desalination technology”. Amit’s complete work has been showcased on the present website.

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