Bubble Point Pressure Calculator

Bubble point pressure calculator / bubble point pressure software from EQ-COMP calculates

Bubble point pressures, compositions, K values, liquid and vapor compressibility factor values, liquid and vapor densities and liquid and vapor molecular weight at desired temperature.

Densities and liquid and vapor molecular weight at desired temperature. Equilibrium temperature, compositions, K values and compressibility factor values at pressure values throughout the bubble point curve at increments of 0.4 bars.

Phase envelope temperature at increments of 0.4 bars throughout the phase envelope and phase envelope curve.

The phase envelope of a hydrocarbon mixture is a temperature-pressure plot consisting of a bubble point curve and a dew point curve. Bubble point curve is a plot of various bubble point temperature values and corresponding bubble point pressure values for a hydrocarbon mixture. Bubble point pressure is the pressure corresponding to a given temperature on the bubble point curve for a hydrocarbon mixture. For most hydrocarbon mixture, only one bubble point pressure value exists for any given temperature value below critical point temperature value. However for hydrocarbon mixtures with high concentration of non-condensables, a discontinuous bubble point curve is observed where zero, one, two or three bubble point values at a given pressure may exist.

Bubble point pressure values are used as design parameters for various process engineering equipments used in hydrocarbon industry like distillation columns, hydrocarbon pumps, hydrocarbon liquid pipelines etc. For crude oils, bubble point pressure values are calculated at reservoir temperature and used in solution gas to liquid ratio correlations, oil formation value factor correlation and viscosity correlations to calculate various crude oil properties as per black oil model. Black oil model is used extensively in oil well and reservoir simulation studies. Apart from these, bubble point pressure values find extensive usage in various other chemical engineering calculations involving hydrocarbon mixtures.

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Calculation cost (without Binary Interaction Parameters) : USD 75
Calculation cost (with constant or user defined BIPs ) : USD 100

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