Bubble Point Temperature Calculator

Bubble point temperature calculator from EQ-COMP calculates

Bubble point temperatures, bubble point compositions, K values, liquid and vapour compressibility factor values, liquid and vapor densities and liquid and vapor molecular weight at desired pressure.

Equilibrium temperature, compositions, K values and compressibility factor values at pressure values throughout the bubble point curve at increments of 0.4 bars.

Phase envelope temperature at increments of 0.4 bars throughout the phase envelope and phase envelope curve.

At a given pressure, a pure hydrocarbon converts from liquid to vapor at a specified temperature. However, a hydrocarbon mixture converts from liquid to vapor within a range of temperatures at a given pressure. Bubble point temperature is the temperature at which first bubble of vapor is formed from a hydrocarbon mixture originally in liquid form at a given pressure. Bubble point temperature is also known as initial boiling point or initial boiling temperature. At low pressures, only one bubble point temperature exists for a hydrocarbon mixture. However at high pressures two bubble point temperature values can exist. For hydrocarbon mixtures with components with wide difference in volatility, no bubble point temperature or three bubble point temperature values can also exist for some pressure values.

Bubble point temperature values are used as design parameters for distillation columns. Bubble point temperature values can also be used to design hydrocarbon pumps where these are used for predicting cavitation of hydrocarbon pumps. Apart from these, bubble point temperature values have got extensive usage in all kinds of engineering calculations involving hydrocarbons.

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Calculation cost (without Binary Interaction Parameters) : USD 75
Calculation cost (with constant or user defined BIPs) : USD 100

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